Physiotherapy for dogs with underwater treadmill

In therapy or training – a gentle upbuilding of muscles is essential, for healthy and sick dogs alike. For rehabilitation, sport, breeding, prevention & aftercare – a joint-gentle exercise therapy is the number 1 topic in dog treatment.

Sequence of treatment in an underwater treadmill by PHYSIO-TECH

We have not overlooked one detail to make your daily therapy and training work with the animal in our device comfortable, safe and effective.

Our experience of more than 20 years guarantees that bit more of quality in detail and function for a visible and faster joint regeneration and a sustainable, gentle muscle build-up.

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Our new one: The PHYSIO-Swing!

The balance trainer of a special class: the electric drive allows precise regulation of the inclination and movement speed of the standing surface.

No other device reaches the deep muscles in a comparable way and trains balance and body awareness as effectively as the PHYSIO-Swing.

PHYSIO-TECH world-wide: Our underwater treadmill also in Chile

Since January 2020 the veterinary clinic „SEFISVET“ in Santiage de Chile has been enjoying its new COMFORT model. Now it is possible to profit from the versatile and effective hydrotherapy in the underwater treadmill also in the capital of Chile.

New publication in English

Traute Schmidt / Yvonne Müller

Underwater Treadmill Therapy for Dogs. A Theory and Practice Book

ISBN 978-3-7482-4783-8

This practice-oriented book is now also available in English. Different diagnoses of motor disorders and the corresponding applications in the underwater treadmill can be found, illustrated with the help of numerous examples. Thanks to the good structuring and the explanations with several pictures, this book offers a perfect aid for effective hydrotherapy work in the PHYSIO-TECH underwater treadmill.